Steering Committee History

Recruiting key community leaders to provide direction and expertise to an initiative is vitally important. In this case, strategic steps were taken to attract highly regarded and committed individuals to join the Community Agenda Steering Committee.

Beginning with the end in mind, the composition of the original Committee was intentionally designed. In order to flourish, it was determined that leadership be comprised of key representatives from systems of both counties – Flagler and Volusia school systems, health departments, and county governments. Additionally, dual-county serving agencies, specifically the Department of Children and Families, Workforce Development Board of Flagler/Volusia, Community Based Care, and The United Way of Volusia/Flagler, were essential partners to developing and implementing solutions related to the areas of concern and in reaching desired outcomes.

Special populations and other sectors were also specifically recruited for the original Committee to ensure broad and diverse leadership.  Lead representatives from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Area Agency on Aging, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office, a circuit judge and a local minister were invited to join. Finally, originators were convinced that without the support from local business leaders, real “buy-in” for the initiative and from the community would be challenging. Five business and community leaders were recruited to chair each of the five workgroups as well as serve on the Steering Committee to effectively connect the community interaction with the leadership. The individuals who accepted the commitment and role to facilitate each workgroup were vital to keeping consistency throughout the process.

As the project moved forward, the Community Agenda Steering Committee carried the responsibility of overseeing the forward progress of the initiative. Many of the original Steering Committee members agreed to continue their service. Additionally, new members were recruited each year to complement the existing composition which remained diverse and representative of the breadth of the community.

In 2012, the One Voice for Volusia Board of Directors assumed the responsibilities of the Community Agenda Steering Committee.  This larger group of community leaders counts among its members a diverse representation from many sectors both public and private.

Past Steering Committee Membership




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