2013 Snapshot Indicators

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Focus Area Data Indicators


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Source Data

Children and Youth

School Readiness-ECHOS™ 24 Special Request
Reading Readiness-Fair-K 24 Special Request
Reading Achievement updated 24 link
School Absenteeism 25 link
Students with Disabilities School Absenteeism 25 Special Request
Homeless Children and Youth   updated 25 link
Delinquency  updated 26 link
Teenage Mothers, Ages 10-17  updated 26 link

Families and Neighborhoods

Domestic Violence  updated 28 link
Women/Children in Domestic Abuse Shelters 28 link
Simple Assaults updated 29 link
Aggravated Assaults updated 29 link
Arrests for Drugs updated 29 link
Child Abuse updated 30 link
Children Not Living at Home updated 30 Special Request
Children Below Poverty Level updated 30 link
Unemployment updated 31 link
Requests for Assistance 31 Special Request
Homelessness updated 31 link

Aging and Elderly


Elderly and Poverty updated 33 link
Elder Suicide updated 33 link
Elderly with No Disabilities updated 33 link
Skilled Nursing Facility Utilization updated 34 link
Unintentional Falls updated 34 link
Probable Alzheimer's Cases updated 34 link
Adults with Disabilities Persons with/without a Disability and Employment     updated 36 link
Adults Not in the Labor Force updated 36 link
Persons with/without Disabilities & Poverty updated 37 link
Households with at Least One Person with a Disability updated 38 link
Persons with/without Disabilities Median Earnings       updated
38 link

Health and Wellness

Heart Disease updated 40 link
Lung Cancer updated 40 link
Stroke updated 40 link
Diabetes Hospitalizations updated 41 link
HIV Cases 41 link
Sexually Transmitted Diseases 41 link
Infant Mortality updated 42 link
First Trimester Pregnancy Care updated 42 link
Teenage Mothers, Ages 10-19 updated 42 link
Alcohol Related Motor Vehicle Crashes 43 link
Baker Act updated 43 link
Suicide updated 43 link
Youth Cigarette Use 44 link
Youth Alcohol Use 44 link
Youth Use of Any Illicit Drug/Alcohol 44 link





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